Cara Lonergan

Cara Lonergan plays striker for the West Coast Rangers women's first team, who are competing in the NRF Womens Championship.  The girls are chasing promotion to the new National League next year and are currently locked in a very tight battle with rivals Papakura at the top of the league.  Cara has been on fire, with 8 league goals in the 11 games played so far and several assists.

How has the season gone so far for you personally and as a team at West Coast Rangers? 

It’s been awesome so far! We've come together really well as a team and have been playing some quality football. The passion and hunger to be on top has created a really good environment with the girls! For me personally, this is the most I’ve enjoyed football in a really long time and I think that’s being reflected in how I’ve been playing. 

What are your individual and team goals for the season? 

As a team we’re really aiming to win the league! but that definitely comes with putting in our absolute best every time we step on the field and taking each game as it comes. For myself I’m aiming to better my performance each week and not let any bad games affect that.

How long have you been playing football and what is the highlight of your playing career so far? 

I started playing football at Norwest United when I was 4 years old, so 17 years now! My highlight would definitely have to be going to Singapore with the NZSS team. It was such an awesome experience to represent NZ and travel with a great bunch of girls.

What's your favourite West Coast Rangers memory? 

My favourite memory has got to be every home game having the best supporters ever! Our crowds are always so passionate and hype us up no matter what.

Who is the most fun team-mate in the dressing room? Who is the joker?

Probably Ash (Ashleigh Bindon) asshe always manages to crack us all up somehow!

If you could steal one attribute from another player on the team, who would you steal it from and what would it be?

Definitely Shania for her ability to tell vegetables apart. (ed - we were expecting a football answer here but I have to say this one was 'interesting' and deserves further investigation)

Rangers player of the season so far?

For me it's Karly. She gives her absolute hardest in every single game.

Best player you have played with or against in your career?m Norwest United a few years back.Probably Meikayla Moore and Erin Nayler - both ex teammates from Norwest United a few years ago, now playing for New Zealand and professionally in the UK and Europe.

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