West Coast Rangers & Fusion FC Partnership

23 Aug

West Coast Rangers is very excited to announce that we have formed an international club partnership with Fusion FC in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Fusion FC is one of the foremost youth clubs in Canada and has a rich history of developing players for University and professional football in both the men’s and women’s game. 

Collaboration between the two clubs will give our respective players and staff a unique opportunity to continue to grow and develop by sharing resources and experiences.

What does this partnership mean?

Coaching development opportunities, direct connections to Canadian and American Universities, as well as development pathways for our players into to semi-professional and professional football are just some of the benefits West Coast Rangers players could gain from this partnership. 

Welcoming Fusion FC to New Zealand

We’re also delighted to announce that as part of our partnership agreement West Coast Rangers will host a Fusion FC Girls team in 2023 as they visit New Zealand to be part of the wider FIFA Women's World Cup festivities, giving our players the opportunity to connect with and play against one of the top female youth teams in Canada.

West Coast Rangers will also look to take teams to Vancouver in 2026 as part of the FIFA Men's World Cup tournament. 

This is a massively exciting development for West Coast Rangers, and we look forward to working with Jason Jordan, Technical Director and the rest of the Fusion FC team and to hosting their Girls team in 2023!

For more info on Fusion FC please do check out https://www.fusionfc.ca/ 

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