Seeking New Caterer, Cafe and Tuck-shop Operator

15 Mar

Club Caterer, Tuck-shop & Club Cafe Opportunity

West Coast Rangers a fast growing Football Club operation with over 1,200 playing members and thousands of visitors each week, operating from premises at both Huapai Domain and Fred Taylor Park.

Unfortunately our much loved caterers Rod & Annette have left us for another bigger job opportunity elsewhere, and as a result we are on the look-out for someone that is interested in an exciting business opportunity.

During the season we want to provide a basic café style offering at both venues on Saturday mornings, and then later in the day at either or both venue based on the senior fixtures list and where the majority of club activity will be. There are also other occasions when we would open the kitchen based on demand, and opportunities to create new events together during the season.

Ideally West Coast Rangers would work with a local individual or existing business that wanted to explore this opportunity and together we would establish a way to collaborate that would deliver value to both parties.

The ideal person/business would have experience in operating a café or catering business, understand the applicable food handling regulations, have excellent customer service skills and be keen on exploring a new business opportunity.

If you have an interest in this opportunity, then please contact to arrange a discussion.

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