Registrations are open for 2023

7 Feb

Registration for the 2023 season is now open.

All players are encouraged to register for the season as soon as possible here.

Registration for boys and girls, men and women at all ages and grades, from first kicks (4-6 year olds), through fun football (7-8) juniors (9-12) youth (13-19) and senior competitive and senior social football (20 to a lot) are now open online

Reminders about registration

As normal, make sure you pick the location you wish to play at - Fred Taylor Park or Huapai Domain - and the right grade for the players age, or select the correct existing team if you want to play again at that level and with those team mates.

For kids, a reminder that the correct age is the birthday they will have this calendar year - for example if your daughter is turning 7 on May 25th, she is 7th grade, and if your daughter turns 12 on July 4th, she is 12th grade.  It is not necessarily the same as their school year, or as grading in other sports. 

If you were part of the club last year, when logging in please use your 2022 username and password - the system will remember you. Your details and (if you are a parent, guardian or carer) those of the previous players you may have registered under your profile will populate automatically, and you just need to check and update any fields where details may changed.

The club will do its best, as always, to respect requests for allocation into previous teams, or playing with team mates - but this can't be guaranteed.  Please ensure you enter these requests in the registration form. If you have any queries, contact the club to check after you have completed your registration.

Fees for the 2023 season have been confirmed as follows:

Fees include federation / comet registration, club registration and all other costs except academy coaching fees.

  • First kicks and fun football - $160
  • Junior - $195
  • Youth - $210
  • Senior - $255

Dates for the 2023 season

NZ Football have aligned the season with terms 2 and 3 of the school year - this means for most leagues and competitions we kick off at the start of May, and run to the end of September. Pre-season training and some tournaments and competitions may fall outside of these dates, but for the majority of our players including first kicks (4-6 years old) fun football (7-8) juniors (9-12) youth (13-19) and senior social football, these are the key dates to remember. Generally we do not play in the middle weekend of school holidays, but do in the first and final weekends.


Coaching fees for junior and youth players who are part of the West Coast Rangers Academy will be confirmed by e-mail directly to the player or their registered parent, guardian or carer along with  their team details for the 2023 season over the next week.  Please DO register the player here and pay the correct registration fee.  

Payment policy

As was the case in 2022, payment of fees for the 2023 season is required in advance, at the time of registration.

Highlights of our payment policy are below:

  • All fees to be paid in advance on registration (or, a request for a payment plan or hardship funding to be agreed with the club)
  • No team or squad fees - all fees to be paid individually
  • No pay, no play - Players must be registered and fees paid to represent the club, at any level. This policy applies to registration fees and any coaching fees, e.g. academy fees, where applicable. Also see below regarding payment options.

Refunds policy

West Coast Rangers Football and Sports Club Inc. is a not for profit Incorporated Society. It is not a Commercial Trader as per the Consumers Guarantee Act 1993. The registration fee is a membership fee to join and participate at the Club.

Members wanting a refund of their membership fee for any reasons prior to the start of the season may apply in writing to the Club Administrator outlining the reasons and circumstances for the fee refunds. Members wanting a refund after the commencement of the season may also apply in writing to the Club Administrator. The matter of this refund is at the discretion of the Club Executive Committee.

The refund will incur a 15% deduction for administration costs, plus any non-refundable fees incurred by the Club. No refunds will occur after May 31st. The Club will not provide a refund on apparel or other contracted services such as Academies, Holiday Programs or the like.

Payment options

Payment of all fees is required in full at the time of registration. We ask all members to register and pay upfront where possible.

We accept this may be a challenge for some members and West Coast Rangers are committed to ensuring our club and football is an inclusive sport and that no player is prevented from taking part for financial reasons. Therefore in special circumstances we offer two alternative options, by arrangement with the club;

  • Payment arrangements - in special circumstances only, we can arrange payment of fees in installments where full payment upfront is not viable. Please contact to discuss this option before registering
  • Hardship fund - a fund where prospective players can apply for financial support to assist with the payment of membership or coaching fees, so that the player(s) can continue to enjoy playing football. This is open to all players, ages and grades. Eligibility for the hardship fund is by application, and acceptance is at the discretion of the Club Executive Committee. Please contact to discuss this option before registering

Closing date for registrations

The club have to form teams and submit them to the federation for registration in competitions by the end of March. Therefore, registrations will close on Friday March 24th to facilitate this process. 

Late registrations after this date may be possible, but cannot be guaranteed - for example if teams are full and there are insufficient numbers available to form a new team.  To avoid disappointment please don't delay, register now.

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