Football in Schools

West Coast Rangers football in schools.

As part of West Coast Rangers providing football in the community we work with a large number of schools coaching football in various programmes.

The aim is to educate pupils at each school about the game of football, grow a love for the sport and show them how they can get involved at club level. Over the years we have seen a large number of children who have been involved at programmes at school then join a football club to continue playing the game.

The Football Literacy Programme is provided to schools as part of their PE curriculum and provides children and teachers alike an education in to how to play the game and the core skills that are required. Programmes normally run over 8 weeks with a class coming once or twice a week to learn and play football. Teachers are educated and given resources to continue teaching the game once the programme has finished to ensure there is sustainability in the programme provided.

Fun Football is offered to schools as a way of returning to the school during lunch times for players who have really enjoyed the experience of the Football Literacy Programme and want to keep playing and learning during their lunch time. This programme is user pays and players sign up for a 5 week block where coaches come in to the school once a week.

Football Festivals are opportunities for either the whole school or certain year groups to take part in Football matches. Round-robin matches can take place where each class gets to play against each other. For festivals we ensure we have lots of staff on hand to facilitate matches and often professional players come down to meet all the children and play games with them.

If your School would like further information about Football In Schools Programmes and to enquire about bookings please contact us.

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