Why the focus on Youth?

The focus is on producing great players, and retaining them so they grow up through the club, with some ultimately representing our top teams. That starts 'at the bottom of the pyramid' with the Whole of Football programme (First kicks and Fun Football). Growing our own talent is the best way to develop competitive and successful senior competitive sides in the future.

We can be doing so much more here. It's important to recognise that, even in a community with a growing population, our numbers are declining. 

If we want to have teams playing at the highest levels we need premier Youth teams in both genders and all age groups. If we want those, we need more young people playing and developing at the Junior level – and for that we need more young people falling in love with football at the First Kicks level.

To make this happen, we need to attract parents and kids to the club and develop and grow our coaching  so that the experience we offer is first class. That will ultimately benefit ALL our teams and coaches at every level.

Come & join our community at West Coast Rangers. We are #GuardiansoftheWest