Where will we play our home games?

We are going to retain the two existing locations, Huapai Domain and Fred Taylor Park. Some members and parents are worried about where games are going to be – and that there might be a lot of traffic and time between the two Clubs. 

There is a lot of work to do here as we work out where our teams play in the future. We are unlikely to make many immediate changes to where most of our teams are playing today. Our Men’s NRFL Premier team will still be based at Fred Taylor Park. Our Women's NRF Conference team will be based at Huapai Domain.

During 2020 we did move some of our junior teams around to help us manage space and availability, and we will always review arrangements every year, but this is based on availability and best planning and will always try to take into account practicalities for players and supporters.  Within our Strategic Plan we are talking about reviewing our facilities, and ultimately investing in some areas to improve the facilities.

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