What’s with the new name and new brand…?

Bringing two Clubs together equally with an amalgamation meant we needed to form a new Club – with a new Brand.

A group with representation from both founding clubs started to work on the name, supported by a dad of a child that plays for us – who is a brand designer by trade and could bring a framework and method to guide and challenge us in the development of this new identity.

We looked at a lot of options and did a lot of work on this, developing hundreds of ideas accross different potential naming territories - ultimately choosing West Coast Rangers. We then developed the visual identity for the brand (which did not exist during the trial junior year in 2020, with a focus on creating something we can be proud of, that represents our area and is distinctive and regognisable.

As with all brands – not everyone will like it – but it has had very good support with the people we have tested it with. You will see the brand and the colours and other design elements that support it across our playing kit, merchandise, website, social media, video content and other channels in the coming months as we prepare for the 2021 season.

Come & join our community at West Coast Rangers. We are #GuardiansoftheWest