What is this ‘Y Licence’, and why does it matter?

The Y stands for Youth, it’s the Youth Licence that is issued by a football federation, in our case the Northern Region Football Federation, based on conditions stipulated for that licence by New Zealand Football.

The overall aim of Club Licensing at New Zealand Football is to raise the level of club football throughout New Zealand. We can play Premier Youth without a Y License but we won't have protected status and will be open to relegation to lower levels of play depending on performance of the teams at their particular grades.

The obtaining of the Y License is the mark of a well-run club that has proved it has the best interests of all players involved. It allows the coaches to focus on the development and welfare of the players involved, without the need for a results first mindset. In many ways it is not the Licence, but the best practice around development and support of players – which achieves the Licence, that is important.

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