Is it going to work? It's been a bit unfriendly between us at times?

Of course we recognise and understand the competitive history between our two fouunding clubs. In fact this spirit of competitiveness is one of the many things that makes us much more similar than we are different.  

We have learned recently in the Covid-Cup competition and via the experience of our juniors playong together in the West Cost Rangers collaboration in 2019-2020 season that the more we spend time together, the better we get along and in fact start to rapidly integrate. Soon the barriers fall away and we become 'one club'.

We also want to recognise the rich  competitive history of each Club -both of whom have both achieved some significant results over their time.      With an amalgamation we need to come together under a ‘new’ Club – but we will make sure that we never forget our rich history and it is recognised appropriately.

Come & join our community at West Coast Rangers. We are #GuardiansoftheWest